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Welcome to Process Plant Technology (PPTech)

Process Plant Technology (PPTech) is a South African technology company, based in Johannesburg.

Process Plant Technology specialises in the supply of engineered systems and plants into the chemical, pulp and paper, mining, minerals and food and beverage industries. The majority of these plants are designed and manufactured locally. The emphasis is on process engineering, specifically heat and mass transfer operations.

PPTech embraces the concepts of “Clean Air”and “Clean Water” and have at our disposal the skills, experience and technologies to facilitate this.

PROXA (Pty) Ltd. an international company providing integrated water and effluent solutions into the chemical, industrial, mining and resources industries has acquired a controlling stake in Process Plant Technology on the 1st of October 2013. To learn more about PROXA, please go to

Coke Oven Gas Treatment Plants

PPTech has the capability to offer Flash, Fluid Bed, Rotary and Spray dryers either within crystalliser systems or as stand-alone units.

We are able to offer gas cleaning, water stripping, and complete by-product recovery in coke oven plants through our partner, DMT GmbH.

We offer a range of wet scrubbers to meet the most arduous of duties in difficult applications. These include venturi, impingement tray, packed bed design and filter element scrubbers

PPTech designs and supplies distillation plants to recover solvents and specialised organic compounds. Reference plants include methanol, ethanol, turpentine and furfural recovery.

Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) Plants

Crystallisation, as a unit operation, embraces the concepts of producing a pure crystal within a magma containing impurities. The design of crystallisers is strongly influenced by the characteristics of each material handled.

Increasingly, legislation and industry demands a zero liquid discharge with a solid product that can either be sold or more readily dumped in a sealed landfill. PPTech have multiple references in demanding applications where ZLD was required.

Mixed Brine and Effluent Applications

An evaporator is used to evaporate a volatile solvent, usually water, from a solution. Its purpose is to concentrate non-volatile solutes such as organic compounds, inorganic salts, acids or bases.

PPTech have been involved with numerous different installations where mixed and or effluent brines are handled. In many of these plants, valuable intermediates are recovered as well as the water to offset the operating cost of the plant.

Evaporation Pilot Plant, Crystallisation Pilot Plant

PPTech own a comprehensive evaporation / crystallisation pilot plant which is able to evaporate up to 300l/h solution. The plant is mobile and may be installed on customers’ premises for short term trials. The plant is complete with electrode boiler, cooling tower, control system and operating room.

Solids – Liquid Separation is a vital unit operation throughout the chemical industry and Process Plant Technology has particular strength in selecting appropriate equipment and system development. This is a key unit operation for removing crystals or sludges from process concentrates in a low moisture form.

Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction

PPTech are able to offer complete plants for SO2 emission reduction with recovery of the sulphur into either liquid SO2, gas (for feeding to an acid plant) or as a solution. We also have the reference for the largest CO2 capture plant in the Southern Hemisphere using a novel amine based absorption system.

With our partners PROXA we can offer a range of Advanced Water Treatment technologies such as, Physical precipitation, softening and sedimentation processes, Membrane separation processes such as Reverse Osmosis (RO), Ultra Filtration (UF) and Microfiltration (MF), Water potabilisation, Ion exchange processes (for softening and metals removal), Absorption / Desorption and Gas/liquid exchange processes.
For more information, please refer to the PROXA Website at